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Direct Mail Solutions


We can help you get improved results with customized direct mail. As technology solutions like email, digital marketing and mobile communications become more prevalent, physical mailings are becoming increasingly successful. Having a tangible item in your customer’s hands that includes powerful creative, a great offer and targeted list is proven to produce a high ROI. American will make it easy for you by either using your existing mailing list, or creating one based on your demographic and location requirements.

Greeting Cards

Whether it's for the holidays, birthdays, in sympathy or congratulations, we have the greeting cards to show customers you're thinking of them.

Mailers & Envelopes

We specialize in providing creative, customized mailers. Advertise specials, events, coupons, grand openings and more!

Post Cards

Post cards are an affordable and quick solution that can result in high returns. Send reminders, specials, greetings and other important communications.

Statement Processing

We take the worrying out of statement processing. Send accurate, professional statements to your customers to simplify the payment process.

Advertising Solutions

As print and mailing specialists, we can help determine the best solutions to get the most out of your advertising efforts!

Creative Packaging

Packaging can enhance your customer experience and perceived brand value. Let us create an unforgettable look that will stand out.