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We understand the challenge that healthcare organizations face in an effort to improve patient care while containing costs. American offers a full range of products and services to enable you to accomplish that objective. We specialize in creative healthcare solutions like patient boards, easy-to-read wayfinding, print management, custom displays and the promotional products to boost patient satisfaction. In addition, we provide daily necessities like uniforms, office supplies and print solutions. Also, if you are a member of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), we are happy to explore the cost savings that come with our partnerships with all the leading GPO organizations.


eCommerce Solutions

Our proprietary eCommerce technology enables you to conduct and control a number of everyday business functions online.

Print & Document Solutions

From labels to forms to commercial print, we are experts at streamlining your printing needs.

Promotional Products

A marketing strategy is never complete without the added exposure that promotional products provide.

Kitting & Fulfillment Solutions

With our large nationwide distribution network, we can handle all of your fulfillment solutions.

Fixtures & Displays

We provide unique fixtures, effective signage, point-of-purchase options and distribution to retailers, retail banks and manufacturers who sell through retail channels.

Direct Mail

Executing a direct mail campaign can be a complicated task. We have the technology, tools and knowledge to make your next campaign a success!

Office Supplies

Office supplies help keep your daily tasks organized and on track. With over 27,000 items available, we provide the variety and savings to keep your business running smoothly.

Marketing Solutions

With our expertise and wide variety of innovative and creative solutions, we can help you promote your brand message more effectively and economically.

Reporting Solutions

We provide a set of monthly reports designed to give departments precise details on their inventory levels and program activity.

Scrubs & Uniforms

Keep your employees in comfortable, quality scrubs and uniforms to help distinguish departments and responsibilities.

Signage & Wayfinding

Help staff, guests and patients find their room, department, cafeteria, gift shop and reception area.

Patient Boards

Improve communication and comfort between healthcare staff, guests and their families with customized patient boards.