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Reporting Solutions


In order to make informed, strategic business decisions, we can provide you with extensive reporting solutions. Whether you’re using our proprietary eCommerce ordering system or placing traditional orders, we can get you the exact information you need to keep track of your program’s activity. Choose to have comprehensive reports sent to you via email or easily generate them online using a password-protected login. Access inventory on hand, order status, usage and more!

Inventory on Hand

See the warehouse location, quantity on hand and total value of each inventoried item.

Low Stock Reorder

View 12 month usage history, projected stock out date and current/previous orders.

Recommended Reorder

Manage inventory levels by setting minimum and maximum reorder points.

Detail Invoice

View billable totals within a specified date range including invoice number, ship date, PO number, product ID, quantity and more.

Customer Statements

View all open invoices as well as invoice number, date, days outstanding, amount, interest, amount due and more.

Summary Statements

A one-line summary by location of the invoiced total for a specified date range.

Average Usage

Always keep your product offering fresh and relevant by viewing average usage to scope out best-sellers.

Ship-to Usage

Allows you to view activity based on the ship-to location so that you can anticipate location needs.

Order Status

Find out if your order is awaiting approval, routed for production or in transit to your destination!